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Zenith 750 Cruzer Yesterday I primed the skeleton.
Zenith 750 Cruzer The spar doublers are riveted in place. I won't rivet the hinge brackets until I fir the rudder and position the hinge.
Zenith 750 Cruzer I've had this one and off about 10 times today trimming little by little the bottom.

Next step is to fit the rudder, drill the hinge, rivet the vert stab together, and then start fitting the front stab piece.

Oh, and I still have to prime the inside of the skin!

The rudder is temp fit to adjust where to drill the holes in the hinge.
There's a trade off in fitting the rudder-I want the bottom of the rudder to continue the upward flow of the fuselage (meaning I want the bottom forward part of the rudder to be even with the bottom of the aft part of the fuse.
To make the bottom even, the gap up top is larger than I'd like. If I move the rudder down to close the gap, then the bottom of the rudder starts to get lower than the fuselage.

If you look at the pic two above this one, from the ground you really can't notice the gap so I think it's more important to have the bottom line up.

I have lined up the forward part of the rudder tip even with the front of the stab, and then drilled the plastic tip to the rudder.

This is why on 10nov15 I recommended you stop and wait to drill the plastic tip until you have the vert stab to help position it.

Now all the holes are opened up for A4 rivets.