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Zenith 750 Cruzer The Dynon HDX system arrived today! Lots of boxes and cables. It's all here except the comm radio-it was on backorder but has already shipped from Dynon so I'll have it in the next day or two.
Zenith 750 Cruzer Here's the 10" HDX screen.
Zenith 750 Cruzer Blurry pic but these are the cables.
Zenith 750 Cruzer Time to get the components mounted in the panel. The first is the intercom.
Zenith 750 Cruzer The cut out area is marked and a holes drilled in the four corners. The large hole is to insert the nibbler.
Zenith 750 Cruzer  
Zenith 750 Cruzer  
Zenith 750 Cruzer The big hole is cut out for the screen.
Zenith 750 Cruzer I could kick myself for this! I drew a line even with the bottom of the iPad mount and that's the line I used to cut out the bottom of the HDX hole. I guess I didn't measure the actual size of the back of the screen and because of how the bottom angles out, the opening needs to be smaller.

I will make a thin plate and rivet it here to cover the holes. This whole panel gets wrapped with carbon fiber vinyl so it will never be noticed, but dang I wish I didn't cut it out too big!

Zenith 750 Cruzer Here's what it looks like minus the comm radio of course. You can see to the left of the Dynon screen where I may or may not mount the round switches for lights.

They would fit, but it might be a little crowded there. I can't mount any switches below the screens or iPad because the steel tube for the frame sits under there.

If I don't put the switches on the left side as I'd like, I'd have to mount them either on the far right side which would be dumb, or in the center console which would be fine, but I would prefer them on the left side of the panel.

I could even mount them on top of the Dynon screen too, but I'm not sure I want them there. I will take a photo of the switches and then print them. Then I can cut them out and move them to different places on the panel to see where they look good.