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Zenith750 Cruzer While I've been working with the Icing on the windshield fairing, I figured I might as well use it on the tail fairing.

Since I spend half of my life in hotel rooms, I save the key cards for this purpose. I've got a lot of them but gave a big handful to my neighbor.

They work great for spreading filler and fiberglass resin.

Zenith750 Cruzer This is the Icing used to create a nice even smooth surface on the fiberglass.
Zenith750 Cruzer It's spread on. Now just let it dry and sand it smooth.
Zenith750 Cruzer This is a foam sanding block I bought at Home Depot. I used a router to round the edges so it fits in the curves of the fairings.

Then I just wrap sandpaper around the block.

Zenith750 Cruzer Here the Icing has been sanded smooth, and then I mixed up another batch and spread it around the front area. Because of all the curves in the fairing, the sanding block is almost worthless.

I've just been using a small piece of sandpaper and sanding by hand.