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Zenith Cruzer First thing I did today was drill the 3/8" hole in the spar attachment tab.
Zenith Cruzer I didn't get pics, but I also drilled the holes for the nutplates in the access hatch. Then I scuffed and primed this skin.

Right now I'm working on scuffing the lower L skin stiffeners.

Zenith Cruzer L stiffeners are primed, and the two leading edge skins are primed.
Zenith Cruzer I'll let everything cure for a few days and then rivet the left wing together.
Zenith Cruzer I keep forgetting I still have to drill the mounting holes for the pitot tube to this skin!
Zenith Cruzer Nutplates installed on the bottom skin.
Zenith Cruzer I started some riveting this evening.
Zenith Cruzer This is the spar extension.
Zenith Cruzer First rib with the bolt on the top.
Zenith Cruzer Wing tie-down.
Zenith Cruzer Tie-down other side...