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Welcome to the ZenithOwner.com Website!

ZenithOwner.comThis is a new and exciting online community for Zenith builders and flyers. The goal is to have a very organized resource all of us can use.
We have a very powerful vBulletins forums which allows us to organize information in different categories. In other words, you can find the information you need!

When I started building my Cruzer, I searched all over the internet for pictures and builder's websites because I wanted a preview of what it takes to build a Zenith. There was no centralized place with a list of builders and their websites which made it difficult to find what I was looking for. 


With your contributions of information, we can make this a fun, stress-free, easy-to-use resource for all of us.

What's New

Need a cool mug for your office or hangar? All the Zenith designs from AircraftStickers.com are now printed by Zazzle on these high quality two-tone coffee mugs.

601 MUG | 650 MUG | 701 MUG | 750 MUG | CRUZER FRONT | CRUZER 3D

New Videos Posted...

Brake Line Fuselage Exit This video shows you how I routed my brake lines out the bottom of the fuselage. There's more to it that simply drilling a hole and using a grommet. I found a much better way.

DIY Wing Leading Edge Recognition Light I bought a very bright LED flashing recognition light on Amazon and I am mounting it in the leading edge of my wing. This 3 part video series shows you how I designed and made my own mount, and how I mounted it in the wing. Note that Part 1 and Part 2 are in this thread. Part 3 is coming soon.

Cruzer Project Update Video...

In my attempt to learn video editing, I am making some videos about the building process of my Cruzer. Here is a link to my project update video:

Mark's Cruzer Update Video



Dynon Avionics

Notice the new Dynon ad introducing their 7" and 10" HDX touch screen EFIS systems. From the Dynon website: "SkyView HDX features improved displays, beautiful design, unrivaled control ergonomics, and an upgraded touch interface. SkyView HDX displays are compatible with all existing SkyView components and feature identical mounting profiles and electrical connections. SkyView HDX will be available in both 7 and 10 touchscreen versions. The 10 SV-HDX1100 display is priced at $4,490.00. The 7 SV-HDX800 is priced at $3,190.00."


Chris Boultinghouse is scratch building a Zenith Cruzer and has a very nice online builder's. You can visit his log at www.justplanechris.com. His log is also now included on the Builder's List page.



Idea for Baggage Tie-Downs

I found some nice baggage compartment tie downs in the camping section of Bass Pro Shops. They are small plastic loops that I think will work perfect. Simply hook a small bungee cord around the plastic loop and around your sleeping bag. [one more pic here]

Tie Downs

Older News

Steve Bray has a new Cruzer builders log online. Here is the link, and you can also find the link on the list of builder's websites on the "Builder's List" page.

We are starting to get a lot of entries on the 750 and Cruzer builder's logs. We also need to build the list of 601, 650, 701, and 801 logs! Please send me your links.

When you send me a link to your build log, would you please include your state or location on Earth? It's just a quick way to see where builders are located. If you notice on my listing on the Builder's List, it reads, "Mark Pensenstadler, MI". It doesn't have to be any more detailed. It just lets others nearby know I'm in Michigan.

Let's populate the Builder's List with your information and website. This organized list will make it easy for someone to find the builder's logs and photos of everyone else building the same airplane. Send me your name and website and I'll add you to the list.