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Welcome to the ZenithOwner.com Website!

ZenithOwner.comThis is a new and exciting online community for Zenith builders and flyers. The goal is to have a very organized resource all of us can use.
We have a very powerful vBulletins forums which allows us to organize information in different categories. In other words, you can find the information you need!

Our goal here is to promote quality building practices and fun in flying your Zenith airplane kit. Please join us on our forums and create a username and password and start participating. Everything on this website is free so enjoy!

We Need the Link to Your Builder's Log

Folks I'm still looking for your online builder's log so that I can post a link to it on the ZenithOwner.com website which organizes the logs so that people can find them. We have a Builder's Logs page here.

If you have a log, please e-mail a link to zenithowner (at) gmail (dot) com


I've fixed My Builder's Log

Some of you have noticed and asked me about the missing pages from my log. A while again this site got hacked and I basically had to delete it, and rebuild it. In that process some of the log pages got lost. I still had the pictures, so I just had to spend the time to re-build those lost pages. Well, I did that this morning. So now all of the pages work and it is now a complete log. Visit the log here.


Upcoming Rotax Maintenance Classes from LEAF

2 Stroke Course March 13, 2018 to March 14, 2018   $500.000

9 Series Service Course March 15, 2018 to March 16, 2018   $550.00

9 Series Maintenance Course March 17, 2018 to March 18, 2018   $550.00

9 Series Heavy Maintenance Course March 20, 2018 to March 22, 2018   $750.00

Renewal Course March 19, 2018 $300.00 for 1 renewal add $50.00 for each additional renewal

Click Here to register for any of the classes.

Introducing Flightline Interiors!

I'm really excited to introduce to you our newest advertiser-Flightline Interiors. I was so happy with the custom Blue Angels seats and interior pieces that they made for my airplane, that I am happy to recommend them to you.

Flightline has been making seats and interiors for the Vans RV's for years. They are now expanding their professional services to Zenith and other kitplanes.

They made the seats and some other custom interior pieces for my Zenith Cruzer, and they can make any custom interior pieces you might be looking for like seats and control stick boots.

Take a look at their website at www.flightlineinteriors.com and give Abby a call and see what they can do for you!

PS: they are in the process of updating their website to include kitplanes other than RV's!


Control Stick Boot

Here's a link to a video I made of my interior!


News From GRT Avionics

Engine Page and Bluetooth Capability Now Standard on GRT Avionics Mini-X and Mini-AP EFIS Displays

WYOMING, Mich., Jan. 2, 2018 - GRT Avionics is now including the engine page and bluetooth capability (dongle required) as standard features on their Mini-X and Mini-AP EFIS displays.  Previously this was a $250 option.

More info at www.grtavionics.com


New Zenith 650 Sticker

Zenith 650 Sticker

Check out the new 650 sticker available at www.AircraftStickers.com


Two New Coffee Mugs Available

Drink coffee? Here's two cool new mugs available on my Zazzle.com store. The first one is a top view of the Zenith Cruzer with the saying "build something fun!". The second one has the same Cruzer top view image with the ZenithOwner.com website. Click to order. Thank you!!!

Zenith Cruzer coffee mug

Zenith Cruzer coffee mug


New From MGL Avionics



MGL Avionics is proud to announce the Vega Series of 2 1/4" Singles for Experimental and Light-Sport Aircraft!

The Vega range consists of twelve 2 1/4" color display aviation instruments. Using a high-resolution backlit color graphics display, these instruments provide excellent daylight readability, even in direct sunlight. Each instrument includes a rotary control plus 2 independent keys for easy menu navigation and to access specific instrument features. The Vega range has a wide supply voltage range of 8 to 30 VDC with built in reverse and over voltage protection. All Vega instruments that have engine monitoring functions have the ability to interface to an MGL Avionics RDAC unit.

The full range consists of AHRS units, Altimeters with VSIs, Airspeed Indicators, Temperature Monitors, Fuel Computers, RPM Indicators and Manifold Pressure Indicators. Each instrument has multiple display and customization options - typical with what you would expect from MGL Avionics.

For more information, please visit: http://www.mglavionics.com/html/vega_color_singles.html


KITPLANES Features Zenith Aircraft

ZenithOwner.comZenith Aircraft reaches "A Quarter Century of Excellence" as featured in KITPLANES magazine. Go Zenith!

In the November issue is a feature article about Zenith Aircraft and their 25 years of designing and selling aircraft kits.

I'm about to sit down with a nice cup of hot chocolate in my Zenith Cruzer mug, and enjoy a good read.

The article gives a short but interesting history of how Zenith "came to be" in the Mexico, MO area which I found to be interesting. Did you know that the factory is 18,000 sq. feet? Wow that's huge. For this article, LeRoy Cook visited the factory, snapped some amazing photos of all of Zenith's airplanes, and took a ride with Roger in the Cruzer and wrote a nice but short flight report.

Folks if you have been thinking of building a Zenith airplane, just jump in and do it! I'm currently building a Cruzer and it is such an enjoyable project. As with any airplane, there are challenges that keep your mind occupied for days and the feeling of accomplishment you get when it all 'clicks' and a solution pops into your head is simply amazing. Your airplane building journey will be the most rewarding project of your life! I'm so excited to fly my Cruzer soon.

New Builder's Blog Listed

Keith Crawford's facebook blog for his Cruzer build has been added to the Builder's List page. A direct link is here.

Welcome MWFly

MWfly Engine

Please welcome MWfly Aeropower to our website and community. METALWORK was founded in 1994 by Guido Fantini and Stefano Marella-both graduates of the Milan Politecnico in Aerospace Engineering. The goal of the company was to produce an engine for the L.S.A. (Light Sport Aviation) market.

In 2011 , MWfly started manufacturing and selling the B22 MWfly engine and at the same time MWfly was founded. The development of the engine, however, did not end in 2011. With feedback from users and the market, the engine is improved in all areas, further improving reliability and performance. In 2013, on the request of a Russian client, we started the development of the B25 engine that has quickly become our best-selling product. Since 2011 the know-how of MWfly has grown exponentially and the progress made by MWfly in the areas of the production, design and assembly phases has elevated the quality of today's product.

To date more than 100 engines have been produced, 10 have been used for R&D and marketing activities the rest have been sold.

Please visit their website by clicking on the ad on the right, or directly by clicking here: www.mwflyna.com

For lots of photos of installed engines, visit this page of their website.

Detailed Cruzer Photos

Dr. Fred Williams has provided us some very detailed photos of the factory Cruzer. There's lots of photos of just about every area of the Cruzer. Click here to see all the photos!

Zenith 750 Cruzer



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